Monday, June 11, 2012

A Few. Texts I've. Sent by Alex Snider

My phone! My phone. *shakes fist* 

So, mildly helpful thing that it does is that after two spaces, it adds a period and capitalizes the next letter. Great except the space key on my phone keeps sticking, so there are all these random periods inserted into all my texts. This really irritated me until I just embraced it and started imagining Christopher Walken reading them:

Sure. I'm. Done class at 12.

Haha. We definitely need to Skype. But I will be in. Winnipeg and Kenora in two. Weeks.

We're. At the Vic! Come by! I bought the best. Pants!

What could be. Better than drinking in the park with. Friends? (wish you. Were here)

Coolcool. What are you doing. Tonight?

:. )))

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