Monday, October 4, 2010

Being a Grownup

Hello again. Sorry for the loooong hiatus, school is kinda kicking my ass...

Moving along, last week I took a couple of big steps on the way to being a responsible adult. I have been an adult for, depending on what province you are from, either eight or nine years and I do a number of adult-like things on a regular basis; eat vegetable, order drinks at bars, say things like "I remember a time before Google", and tell jokes about Sinbad. But it is not everyday that I get all mature and responsible (unless you count working to support myself -- which I am not doing right this moment but I have done for an awfully long time).

I ride my bike, Lonesome Charlie, everywhere; all over downtown Toronto at all times and at all stages of sobriety. Last year I had a bad accident which involved me riding into a curb and flying over the handlebars and landing on my chin and spending the couple weeks with a distinctly Leno-esque chin (I may or may not have imbibed a couple of ill-advised pints of "Cool" lager at Sneaky Dee's) I was concussed but ok and while wearing a helmet wouldn't have hurt me it wouldn't have helped either because well, I landed on my face.

So, I was able at that time keep on justifying not wearing a helmet. Yes, I have ridden a bike in a busy urban city for five years and never worn a helmet. I don't even really have a reason why I didn't have a helmet; it wasn't esthetic reasons no matter how many times I joked that it was, mainly I think that I didn't have a helmet because I was crazy poor and thought that a cool-looking helmet would be upwards of $100.

But, all that is in the past now, my distant, immature, irresponsible past because last week I bought a helmet. I gotta say, I feel pretty good about my growing up.

Oh, and I also finally got a bell and found my lights for Charlie.

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