Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fuck PeTA and Their "Violence Against Women Sells" Mantra (Also, They're Racist) by Alex Snider

I know it's not any surprise that PeTA has come up with yet another offensive campaign that demeans women in the name of animal rights but I can't resists calling attention to this video that overtly promotes domestic violence as one of the benefits of a vegan diet.

This woman looks totally pumped that her boyfriend can now "bring it like a tantric pornstar" especially since that led to her limping, wearing a neck brace and overall looking like she just got the shit kicked out of her. I wish my boyfriend would go vegan so that I, too, could look like I just wandered out of an episode of SVU. 'Cause if there's one thing that hasn't been exploited enough for bullshit, misogynistic, racist (and fat phobic and ableist and transphobic...) organizations like PeTA it's fucking domestic violence. Why does protecting and advocating animal rights have to come at the expense of women? PeTA is a disgrace. For a more in-depth analysis check out Renee's takedown over at Womanist Musings. She nails it.

PeTA also recently filed a suit against SeaWorld on behalf of five killer whales citing the 13th amendment, the amendment that prohibits slavery. It's terrible that SeaWorld keeps killer whales but invoking the massive plight of American slaves and their incredibly hard-won freedom? Poor taste does not even begin to cover it, that shit is straight up racist. The hilarious Wyatt Cenac over at The Daily Show did a segment on PeTA's crap lawsuit:

This isn't Peta's first time at the "exploit violent racism" rodeo either:

As part of the same campaign, PeTA members dressed up as klansmen and handed out pamphlets outside of Madison Square Gardens in protest of the Westminster dog show. Yep. Renee at Womanist Musings wrote: "The KKK is a terrorist organization. It has murdered, stalked, raped, abused and committed so many violations against humanity that I could not possibly list them. This is what PETA wants to be associated with. In some ways they are not far off the mark because they are an organization that is built on nothing other than hatred.  Their actions reveal a hatred of POC, women, and transgender people". This x1000.

Is there actually no way for PeTA to come up with campaigns that don't piss on the history of the violent oppression of Black people in America and shame while explicitly sexually objectifying women?

PeTA: Making a mockery of humanity for over thirty years.


  1. I just can't understand why they think it's okay to do the shit they do. I do not get it.

  2. It doesn't surprise me that there are people in charge that are a-ok with their "any press is good press" marketing strategy (in which they desecrate human trauma), what surprises me is that so many people still support them. Their website claims they have 3 million members and donors. That's what truly boggles my mind. I guess exploitation doesn't matter if it's for a good cause?