Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Thoughts On Luhrmann's "Great Gatsby" by Alex Snider

1. I am disappointed so far by the soundtrack. Yes, there are only two songs featured in the trailer and one is from Watch the Throne of which my love knows no bounds, but man, the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack was *the* definitive cassette of my teen years. I expect more. (Incidentally I also had my first kiss – typo-ed kiss to be kill, yikes – in Romeo and Juliet when it played at the revue theatre where tickets cost $2.25. Those were the days. Unfortunately the boy turned out to be horrible and after we broke up he took to alternately calling me "tight" and a "whore". That doesn't even make sense.) Maybe Luhrmann should just use that soundtrack over and over? When the fireworks exploded I couldn't have been the only one expecting Kym Mazelle's Young Hearts Run Free to start playing.

2. I've read The Great Gatsby three times and every time I hear anything about it, or now, watch a trailer for the adaptation I'm struck by how little I actually absorbed. To the point now where I think I may have blacked out each reading, ten pages in. None of this is familiar to me.  Like, I am familiar with the characters Nick, Gatsby and Daisy but that is it. Other people have mentioned a car accident at the end? And that it's a love story of sorts? Something about a green light? On a dock?

Probably not gonna see it.

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  1. Same with me! Felt so bad about myself! Floated through the entire thing! Driving around...light across water...that's about it.

    There wasn't even an evil clown in the sewer.